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COFIGECO is an independent ManCo incorporated under Chapter 15 of the Luxembourg laws of December 17th 2010 on investment funds, and is authorized and supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), supervisory authority in Luxembourg. COFIGECO manage the UCITS Placeuro.

Placeuro, as umbrella fund, cover a range of sub-funds divided up into equities, fixed income, balanced funds, including some money market instruments and financial derivatives. The assets of these 14 sub-funds are spread out internationally, as regards both geography and sectors.

You can obtain the NAV in cliking here The Net Asset Value in PDF

Placeuro - General information

Created in January 1985 as Luxembourg investment fund and became in June 1985 one of the first umbrella fund in Luxembourg. Converted into a UCITS (Part I of the Law December 20, 2010) under the corporate name Placeuro in August 1989.

Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg is the custodian for its assets.

Deloitte has been appointed as auditor .

Documents : (only available in french)

Placeuro Share Classes Currency ISIN Investment type         KID
ARPEGE Cap EUR LU0126565489 Equity
BG OPPORTUNITES Cap EUR LU0514580363 Balanced
BENELUX - France Part Cap EUR LU0061385786 Equity
Part Dist EUR LU1409512859
CPH CLASSIC Cap EUR LU0272992453 Fixed Income
CPH EQUITY Part I - Cap EUR LU0272991307 Equity
Part R - Cap EUR LU1120754533
DOM TRESORERIE DYNAMIQUE Part F - Cap EUR LU1175880258 Fixed Income
BOND EURO Dist EUR LU0112381909 Fixed Income
GLOBAL INVEST Dist EUR LU0112381495 Balanced
EURO HIGH YIELD Dist EUR LU0061383732 Fixed Income
GLOBAL CHINA FUND Cap EUR LU0202693080 Equity
GOLD MINES Dist EUR LU0061385943 Balanced
HARP ACTIONS Cap EUR LU0198860347 Equity
WORLD EQUITIES Dist EUR LU0118831253 Equity
SEAHORSE Part A - Cap EUR LU0962236682 Balanced
Part R - Cap EUR LU1333220199
YIELD BONDS Dist EUR LU0138070783 Fixed Income